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Ukrainian Troops Call Zelensky’s Counteroffensive ‘A Suicide Mission’


Last Updated on December 19, 2023

Ukrainian soldiers and marines fighting along the Dnipro River in the disputed Kherson region as part of Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive say that they’ve been left to die on “a suicide mission” against Russian forces and accuse Ukrainian officials of overstating the military’s few successes on the battlefield.

A New York Times report consulted with Ukrainian troops directly as they engaged the Russians along the Dnipro River, as part of Ukraine’s continued, long-lasting counteroffensive that has failed to live up to Zelensky’s claims and has resulted in massive Ukrainian casualties, though official casualty counts are censored by the Zelensky government.

While just last month, Zelensky and his government claimed in public statements that Ukrainian forces had established “positions on several strongholds” along the Russian-controlled eastern bank (called the “left bank” by Ukrainians) of the Dnipro River, the report from The New York Times reveals that reality is quite different.

“There are no positions,” a Ukrainian called Oleksiy and described as “an experienced soldier,” told The Times, describing the fight as “a suicide mission” where dead Ukrainian bodies have been lying for as long as two months, unable to be recovered as Ukrainian forces are under constant Russian shelling.

Ukraine New York Times

Despite hundreds of billions of dollars worth of American and other Western training and foreign aid, according to Oleksiy, Ukrainians are being slaughtered along the Dnipro River because of shoddy Ukrainian commanders and a lack of supplies.

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The Ukrainians are somehow so short on supplies, despite their massive aid packages, that Oleksiy says that wounded men are being left behind because there are no boats to transport them back across the river.

“It’s so wasteful,” Oleksiy told The New York Times, describing the situation along the Dnipro River as even worse than previous Ukrainian defeats at Bakhmut and Soledar.

Ukraine New York Times Dnipro River

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In addition to interviewing Oleksiy, The New York Times interviewed a Ukrainian named Yevhen Karas, the deputy commander of the 14th Separate Regiment, a group targeting Russian artillery with drones. Karas parroted Zelensky government talking points as he claimed that the Ukrainians have the Russians scared and have done serious damage to Russian firepower, but other Ukrainians and even The Times’ report itself, pushed back on his claim.

New York Times Russian Artillery Ukraine

Remarkably, and as The Times mentioned in its report, Karas is a former leader of C14, also known as S14.

Though The Times describes the group as merely one that watchdogs call “extreme right-wing,” in reality, the group is a neo-Nazi organization linked to the Security Service of Ukraine, the successor to the Soviet KGB.

The group, led by Karas, is also tied to the infamous neo-Nazi Azov Brigade and was accused of numerous attacks on ethnic and religious minorities like Gypsies and Jews, as well as Russians. It also directly participated in the Euromaidan color revolution of 2014 that overthrew Ukraine’s government and replaced it with a Soros-backed puppet.

C14 was officially disbanded in 2020 and replaced with the Foundation for the Future, a similar group through which Yevhen Karas seeks to unite Ukraine’s many neo-Nazi organizations, a high percentage of whose members, like Karas, are fighting for Zelensky in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

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