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Tucker Carlson sounds chilling warning on subversion of US military –


TUCKER Carlson, fresh from his interview of Vladimir Putin, has warned Americans their administration will actively recruit hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants into the military, which could set the stage for it to be used against the US population.

Carlson, speaking to his former Fox News colleague Glenn Beck, outlined how American cities were in a serious state of decline, with mass homelessness, widespread drug abuse and now the mass invasion of migrants. But this was no accident, it was deliberate policy, he said. By contrast, Russian cities, where he has just visited, do not have this type of degeneracy.

But it was US policy to allow the homeless to camp in city centres and to “crap on the streets”, just as it was policy to allow the mass illegal migration across the border with Mexico. Asked by Beck how the country can survive the next eight or nine months, Carlson said a good, wise friend always came back to the policy basics of energy, food, water and use of force.

“The number one thing you need to worry about in any country is the military, and we just don’t have a history of worrying about the military, but we should be very worried about the military, because that’s where the guns are,” said Carlson.

“And so if you wanted to take a continental-sized country like ours, a country of 350 million people and you wanted to subdue them, you would need force, and so it’s … the DoD, the military that are censoring us and they’re doing it for political reasons, and that’s a completely different thing from say, the Democratic National Committee or even the FBI (doing that).

“The military has to be non-partisan, it has to be controlled by elected officials, civilian control, so that the voters have some control of the military. So conservatives – and it’s such a wonderful and clever op on the part of the Left – because conservatives just imagine people serving in the military are just like them.

“But the officer corps is not, at all. They’re like speaking at the Aspen Institute. They don’t share your values, they hate you, they hate Christianity and they’re dangerous. Now the average NCO or one of the enlisted guys are great, they’re red-blooded Americans and all that, but the leadership in the military are dangerous – they are dangerous.

“They are dangerous not just because of all the failed wars they’ve been in, but they’re dangerous because they could be used against the civilian population. That’s not crazy and adding hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to be military over the next 10 years, which they actually plan to do … oh.”

Carlson was earlier asked by Beck about his privileged upbringing in Washington. His father Richard Carlson was a journalist, diplomat and lobbyist and director of the Voice of America from 1986 to 1991.

Carlson was not defensive and went on to explain that this background helped him understand governing elites and had actually helped fuel his dislike of “mediocre, ignorant and selfish people” in places of power and influence.

“So when you tell me Anthony Blinken is a statesman, I’m like, no he’s not. He’s a low-IQ political hack who’s acting for, like, political reasons that have nothing to do with the United States in his Ukraine policy and I know that and I know them all. I lived next to them for my whole life – 35 years in DC.”

Carlson insisted he was not the least impressed by the Washington DC insiders. “I don’t want anything from them at all. I’m not rich, I have enough. I’m just in this weird position that I know exactly who they are. I don’t want their stupid little merit badges, I couldn’t have more contempt for them and I’m old enough now to … why not just say it, so I’ll just keep saying it.”

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