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Tucker Carlson on the 2020 Election: ‘It Was 100 Percent Stolen’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Tucker Carlson recently did an interview with podcaster Lex Fridman.

Their discussion covered a wide range of topics and is worth watching in full, but Tucker’s comments on the 2020 election are especially interesting.

Tucker said the election was ‘100 percent stolen’ citing the last minute changes made to voting procedures with regards to Covid.

PJ Media reported:

“You said to some degree the election was rigged,” Fridman began. “Was it stolen?”

“It was 100% stolen,” Carlson replied. “Are you joking?”

“Like, it was rigged to that large—”

“They completely change the way people vote right before the election on the basis of COVID—which had nothing to do with—”

“So, in that way, it was rigged?” Fridman asked.

Carlson replied:

One hundred percent. And then you censor the information people are allowed to get. Anyone who complains about COVID, which was like — by the way, it might have hurt Trump. But I mean, it’s like whatever… I mean, you could play it many different ways. You can’t have censorship in a democracy by definition; here’s how it works. The people rule, they vote for representatives to carry their agenda to the capital city and get it enacted; that’s how they’re in charge. And every few years they get to reassess the performance of those people in an election. In order to do that, they need access, unfettered access to information. And no one, particularly not people who are already in power, is allowed to tell them what information they can have. They have to have all the information that they want. Whether the people in charge want it or don’t want it or think it’s true or think it’s false doesn’t matter.

This video is cued to start at the right moment. Just press play:

Millions of Trump voters have been saying this for three years. Tucker’s point about the 2024 election hits hard as well.

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