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Trump Says Biden’s Persecutors Will ‘Indict Him Right Into the White House’


Last Updated on January 26, 2024

45th President Trump says that Joe Biden’s endless political witch hunts against him will backfire on Democrats and that they’re going to “indict him right into the White House.”

Trump made the remarks at a rally ahead of the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Primary, in which he shellacked Nikki Haley and became the first non-incumbent GOP presidential candidate in history to start the primary season off by winning both Iowa and New Hampshire. Trump is expected to sweep the GOP primaries and Nikki Haley nationwide, including in her home state of South Carolina, where Trump has a more than 37-point lead at the current count.

Trump has attributed much of his staunch support to the endless persecution effort against him, saying that Joe Biden has gotten too greedy, and it’s going to backfire.

“He indicted me,” Trump said. “I’ve been indicted more than Al Capone. See that guy, how tough he is? Look at him with the big red hat on. He’s a tough guy,” Trump said.

“If Al Capone ever took you out to dinner and didn’t like your smile, he would kill you before morning, ok? And he got indicted less than me. That’s not right.”

“These people are crazy,” Trump said of Biden and his persecutors. “It’s weaponization, it’s going after your political opponent.”

“Nobody has done this in the history of our country. They do it in third-world nations, but they don’t do it here,” he said.

Biden’s campaign advisers, Trump said, are starting to take notice of the blowback and the support that the indictments have won for Trump, but Biden just can’t help himself.

Someone told Biden, “Don’t indict him anymore, please, you’re killing us,” Trump recounted. “You are going to indict him right into the White House. We don’t want to have that.”

“It’s terrible,” said Trump. “We get treated terribly. It’s unbelievable.”

“You know, that’s a two-way street. That can happen to them also. It’s a very dangerous thing. It’s a very dangerous precedent that they are setting,” Trump added.

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