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Trump-Hating Germaphobe Howard Stern Catches COVID for the First Time – Previously Laughed at Unvaccinated Americans Who Died from the Virus and Wanted Hospitals to Deny Them Care | The Gateway Pundit


COVID-19 finally came for arguably the most notorious germaphobe in America, and he was pretty miserable despite being fully vaccinated.

As Breitbart reported, Trump-hating radio shock jock Howard Stern revealed Monday that he had paused his radio show after contracting COVID for the first time.

Let’s see if we can get through this show. We were supposed to be back last week. We weren’t because I got COVID-19.

Stern continuously bemoaned how awful COVID is during the broadcast and said it was the sickest he had ever been.

I just want to announce something. COVID is really bad. You do not want COVID. Oh f**k.

Man, I went through hell … I’ve really never been this sick.

Stern also expressed confusion as to how he fell ill despite taking every precaution available as WTRF reported. The only place he went to was his mother’s, and he wore his masks the entire time.

He also saw his assistant and driver without a mask, and they both tested negative for COVID.

Stern then revealed that he gave COVID to his wife Beth. As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, he berated her for living like a normal human being instead of a hermit. What an irony.

Stern closed by claiming that his case of COVID would have been far worse had he not been vaxxed and boosted. This, of course, is the textbook response from brainwashed liberals when COVID-19 arrives for them.

“What a wallop this thing is — can you imagine if we didn’t have the vaccine?” he said

Many conservatives will view Stern’s bout with COVID-19 as a form of karma. TGP’s Alicia Powe revealed two years ago Stern once called for hospitals deny care to unvaccinated COVID patients, implying they deserved to die for not taking the shot.

If it was up to me, anyone unvaccinated would not be admitted to a hospital. At this point, they have been given plenty of opportunity to get the vaccine.

In 2021, Stern laughed while talking about unvaccinated radio hosts who died from COVID and then demanded the shots be made mandatory.

It’s really funny when these radio, the radio guys are the best, they’re like four of them died, four of them were like ranting on the air.

They will not get vaccinated. They were they were on fire, these guys, it was like day after day, they were all dying, and then their dying words are “I wish I had been more into the vaccine. I wish I had taken it.”

When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say, you know, it’s mandatory to get vaccinated?

‘F*** them, f*** their freedom. I want my freedom to live. I want to get out of the house already. I want to go next door and play chess.

Yet Stern contracted COVID despite barely leaving the house. Alex Berenson was right when he said years ago that “virus gonna virus.”

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