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Trump challenges Biden to take cognitive test, says it should be mandatory for ‘all presidents’


Former President Donald Trump has challenged President Joe Biden, 81, to complete a cognitive examination, intensifying the debate over presidential fitness for office.

This challenge came shortly after Biden’s physician declared him “fit to serve” and reported no new health concerns from his annual physical, despite omitting a cognitive test. This omission has sparked discussions, particularly in light of a report questioning Biden’s handling of classified documents, suggesting potential memory issues, the Daily Wire reported.

Trump, 77, voiced his demands on Truth Social, advocating for cognitive testing for Biden, whom he labeled “Crooked Joe Biden.” He emphasized his own experience, claiming perfect scores on similar tests, and suggested that such assessments become a standard requirement for presidential candidates.

He wrote, “Maybe that way we would be able to find out why he makes such terrible decisions. I took two of them, and ACED them both (no mistakes!). All Presidents, or people wanting to become President, should mandatorily take this test!”

Trump’s call reflects ongoing concerns among lawmakers and voters regarding Biden’s mental acuity, heightened by recent events and the president’s documented lapses.

In response to inquiries about Biden undergoing a cognitive test, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the president’s mental fitness.

“The president doesn’t need a cognitive test,” Jean-Pierre said, per the Daily Wire. “That is not my assessment. That is not my assessment. That is the assessment of the president’s doctor. That is also the assessment of the neurologist who has also made that assessment as well.”

“The president, who is also the commander-in-chief — he passes a cognitive test every day — every day, as he moves from one topic to another topic, trying — understanding the granular level of these topics,” she added. “You saw him talk about fighting crime today. Tomorrow, he’s going to go to the border. Next week, he’s going to give a State of the Union address.”

Trump has frequently highlighted Biden’s gaffes, using them to question his mental state, while Biden has countered by critiquing Trump’s ideas and intentions for America’s future.

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