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Trudeau’s insane virtue-signalling Ukraine aid pledge | Lorne Gunter


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In late February, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited war-torn Ukraine on the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of the country. While there, Trudeau made a further $3 billion pledge in additional aid for President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government.

Buried within the PM’s plan, however, was much of the same sort of virtue-signalling we see from the Liberals here in Canada.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Sun News columnist Lorne Gunter joined Ezra for a deeper look at some the woke caveats the Trudeau Liberals attached to the aid package.

The most egregious part Trudeau’s pandering, Lorne explained, comes in the way of a “gender-inclusive demining” stipulation. In regular, non-woke English, this means the federal government is telling Ukraine it can have $4 million — but only if President Zelensky promises to adhere to Trudeau’s bizarre demands.

And although the Liberals didn’t lay out any strict requirements, Lorne wondered how the government can come up with such absurd ideas, especially since it’s something Canadian officials might not request of other countries:

Do they look at the Bahrainian mine clearing unit and say, ‘oh, there are no obvious women on this list, therefore we can’t include them in any future treaties because they don’t have gender-inclusive minesweeping.’

What difference does it make? [Ukraine] is in the middle of a war. They’re not in the middle of downtown Toronto, where you can cancel and woke people to death on social media. They’re in the middle of a real war, give them money to clear mines.

One of the things that keeps people who have been displaced in Ukraine from coming back to their communities is the fact that the Russians, very often when they are forced to withdraw, plant all sorts of mines all over the town and the farm fields around it to render them useless to people.

So demining is a very big part of Ukraine’s recovery, and what we’ve decided is that we’re going to impose our values during peacetime in an ultra-liberal country, very woke. We’re going to try and impose our values on a warzone.

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