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Trudeau’s Attorney General says Freedom Convoy posed a ‘serious risk of violence’


Canada’s newly minted Attorney General took his shot Wednesday in a series of political jabs directed at the Freedom Convoy.

“There was a risk of serious violence that was a crucial consideration supporting the decision to declare a public order emergency,” Arif Virani testified at the Special Joint Committee on the Declaration of Emergency. 

“The sole purpose of the temporary measures that were made was to bring about a swift, orderly and peaceful end to the circumstances,” he claimed.

The minister’s remarks follow a Federal Court ruling in January that opposed the use of the Emergencies Act against peaceful demonstrators as “unjustified” and “unlawful.”

Virani did not comment on the decision after his government filed to appeal the decision on February 22, reported Blacklock’s Reporter

But Ottawa Liberal MP Yasir Naqvi told the committee he remains convinced of the convoy’s violent nature. “I think some of you may have forgotten there was violence,” he said without evidence substantiating his claim.

“I get more and more frustrated as somebody who represents downtown Ottawa by the collective amnesia of committee members,” continued Naqvi. “They have forgotten what members of my community in downtown Ottawa went through.”

However, internal records uncovered no evidence of violence by convoy protesters. As such, no police recommended use of the Emergencies Act.

Ottawa resident Justice Richard Mosley denounced cabinet’s overreaction, which “criminalized the attendance of every single person at those protests regardless of their actions.” 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet justified their action by citing confidential legal opinions that remain unknown to the public. According to Blacklock’s Reporter, cabinet continues to ignore a 2022 committee order to release the document.

“Solicitor-client privilege is foundational,” testified Virani. “It is a sacrosanct privilege that has existed for centuries in British common law, and it is one this government firmly believes in.”

However, New Democrat MP Matthew Green ridiculed the claim. “Many people come before this committee talking about solicitor-client privilege,” he said.

“You identify the Government of Canada as the client; who is the solicitor?” asked Green. “I am the solicitor,” replied Virani.

“So, you are both the client and the solicitor?” asked Green. “I wear different hats at different times,” replied Virani.

“It is important for Canadians to understand that the Minister of Justice constantly provides as chief law officer of the Crown advice to cabinet,” said Virani. “We don’t need a history lesson,” replied Green.

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