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Trudeau unveils money for access to info requests (but not in Canada)


After frequently delaying some access to information requests for years, Justin Trudeau is announcing funding to clear the backlog and provide citizens with information and government transparency faster.

Oh, did you think I meant in Canada? No.

If you are a frequent follower of my work at Rebel News, you know that I do a lot of work in access to information. I want the citizens of Canada to know what their government is doing behind closed doors when they think nobody is watching or listening.

And so, I ask questions I think normal people want answers to. If you’re a regular viewer of Rebel News, you know that I frequently have to deal with heavily redacted documents and delays of several years.

Here’s my friend Alexa Lavoie telling you about a document on illegal border crossers that conveniently redacted all the Trudeau years.

And here’s me complaining about a nearly seven-year-long delay in getting access to documents about a questionnaire the RCMP was using to screen illegal migrants for extremist tendencies.

And those two stories are just from the last week.

So, boy, was I ever excited when I saw that the Trudeau Liberals were announcing $270,000 to improve access to information. Finally!

Look at this announcement from the third annual Summit for Democracy. This is an event I’m surprised Trudeau had the gall to attend, but here we are:

Improving the Implementation of Access to Information Laws: 

Canada is providing over $270,000 to the Centre for Law and Democracy for their project to improve equality and accessibility of fundamental human rights for civil society, including the right to participate in democratic processes and political discourse.

This initiative includes the development of a comprehensive methodology for local actors, such as oversight bodies and civil society organizations, to assess how well states are implementing their right-to-information laws.

The project will also offer training and assistance to international partners to support the application of this assessment methodology in other countries.

But like so many of the Liberals’ uses of our money, this funding was not meant to improve the lives of Canadians.

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