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Trudeau runs away from question about Emergencies Act ruling


From January 21–24, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and members of his cabinet gathered in Montreal at Le Queen Elizabeth hotel for a Liberal retreat. The meeting comes as the Liberals are currently experiencing a drop in polls, losing support across the country.

While Canadians are facing a severe cost-of-living crisis, Mr. Trudeau, during his three day visit, chose to stay in one of the most expensive suites — the John Lennon suite, which costs around $3,200 per night. 

Additionally, the 115 attendees dined extravagantly with a buffet costing about $90 per meal. According to a witness, most of this food went to waste. 

The Trudeau Liberals, who should be setting an example of an “affordable” retreat, are wasting Canadians’ money while an increasing number of citizens are now relying on food banks to feed their families — an rise of about 32% from last year. 

During this time, Mr. Trudeau, along with Immigration Minister Marc Miller, decided to open Canada’s doors to thousands of Gazan refugees who, according to recent research, strongly support the terrorist organization called Hamas.

Antisemitism crimes are on the rise in Canada, as well as vandalism, and the housing crisis and cost of living are impacting many Canadians. However, Trudeau’s government is importing people who could possibly threaten the safety of our country by bringing external conflict.

While we were in Montreal reporting on the ground, breaking news story emerged as we learned that the Federal Court declared Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act was unconstitutional.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland responded to the decision, stating that the government will appeal Justice Richard Mosley’s ruling.

When Trudeau finally showed up outside of the hotel, jumping into his suburban followed by an escort of police and RCMP, he remained silent when asked if he would apologize or resign for violating the constitutional rights of Canadians.

His fellow Liberal, Pablo Rodriguez, who currently serves as transportation minister but was heritage minister during the Freedom Convoy, also remained silent when asked about the ruling.

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