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Transgender Inmate Who Murdered His Parents Caught Having Sex With Female Inmate After He Was Moved to Women’s Prison | The Gateway Pundit


A transgender inmate who was convicted of murdering his parents had been caught having sex with a female prisoner after being placed in a women’s prison.

Bryan “Amber FayeFox” Kim, 35, was convicted of two counts of aggravated first-degree murder in 2008 for stabbing his father and brutally bludgeoning and strangling his mother.

In February 2021, Kim was moved to the Washington Corrections Center for Women thanks to the Washington Department of Correction’s “gender-inclusion” policy.

On March 14, prison guards caught Kim having sex with his 25-year-old cellmate Sincer-A Marie Nerton.

An incident report obtained by the National Review stated that the guard saw Kim “laying on the floor completely nude from the waist down with their cellmate Nerton Sincer-A on top of them also nude from the waist down actively having sex.”

“I/I [Incarcerated Individual] Kim’s hands were on I/I Nerton’s buttox in a spread open position while I/I Kim’s erect penis was penetrating I/I Nerton’s Vagina,” the incident report continued. “This is against MSU rules and policy. WAC-504-Engaging in a sex act with another person within the facility that is not otherwise included in these rules, except in an approved extended family visit.”

“Technically, there is no consensual sex between the incarcerated,” a Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) employee told the National Review. “If both offenders call it consensual, then they seem to be getting into less trouble.”

National Review reports:

Kim was found guilty in 2008 of two counts of aggravated first-degree murder in the stabbing of his father, Richard Kim, and the bludgeoning and strangulation of his mother, Terri Kim, the Spokesman-Review reported. Kim killed his parents at their Mount Spokane home on December 5, 2006, as they returned from work. After attempting to clean up the murder scene and hide his parents’ bodies in an outbuilding, Kim went shopping the next day, using his father’s debit card to withdraw $1,000 from his parents’ account.

For his crimes, Kim was sentenced to life in prison. The defense argued that Kim had struggled with mental problems since he was young and tried to cast doubt on the testimony of psychiatrists who argued the crimes were premeditated.

In November, the Huffington Post featured Kim’s story in a sympathetic piece titled, “Inside The Brutal Struggle For Trans Care In Prison,” which suggested his crimes and incarceration were tied to his mistreatment at home as a child. Kim told the outlet that his parents often physically punished and threatened him for being effeminate and cross-dressing as an adolescent.

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