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Top Fox News Host Accused Of Colluding With DOJ To Entrap Trump


Bret Baier, the host of Fox News, denies having spoken with the Justice Department before to interviewing Donald Trump.

How did the interview go?

The former president’s sit-down interview with Baier was noteworthy for a number of reasons, but most notably because, as the lawyers noted, Trump appeared to have admitted to obstructing justice.

Baier questioned Trump on why he didn’t return the boxes of records that the National Archives and Records Administration had requested and for which it had gotten a subpoena. In response, Trump said he was busy.

“But according to the indictment, you then tell this aide to move to other locations after telling your lawyers to say you’d fully complied with the subpoena, when you hadn’t,” Baier followed up.

“But before I send boxes over, I have to take all of my things out. These boxes were interspersed with all sorts of things — golf shirts, clothing, pants, shoes. There were many things,” Trump responded.

Then, by merely reading from the indictment, Trump effectively gave Baier a chance to cross-examine him. Trump’s own remarks are expected to be used by special counsel Jack Smith to support his allegations that the president intentionally and consciously conspired to obstruct justice and hid information from a federal grand jury (counts 32 and 33 of the indictment). Even better for Smith, he avoided having to question Trump directly.

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