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To save Britain from disaster, Rishi Sunak must go


Despite yesterday’s poll, which put the Conservatives on a parlous 19 per cent and Reform on a fast-closing 15, despite a death-rattle net approval rating of minus 48 (lower than Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn when they resigned), Rishi Sunak survives as Prime Minister. That is largely due to the misplaced loyalty of his colleagues, but also because, as one Tory MP said, the idea of a leadership challenge at this stage is “utterly bonkers”.
It really isn’t, you know. What is bonkers, truly, madly deeply delusional, in fact, is sticking with a course so calamitous, so certain to end in ruin, that it could spell the demise of a political party which celebrates its 190th birthday this year. I am not exaggerating. Cabinet ministers with majorities of 18,000-plus are facing their own Portillo Moment (a metaphor coined after the 1997 general election humiliation of then Cabinet star Michael Portillo.)

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