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‘This is outrageous’: Megyn Kelly weighs in on 50-year-old man identifying as a 13-year-old girl


Rebel Reporter David Menzies was on The Megyn Kelly Show, where they both discussed the 50-year-old man who not only swims with teenage girls, but also identifies as one.

The American journalist addressed her viewers with the following statement:

There’s new info on the 50-year-old man in Canada who enjoys competing in the pool against and changing in the same dressing room as young, teenage and prepubescent girls.

There was another swim meet this weekend, this time Nicholas Cepeda, who goes by the name Melody Wiseheart, competed against girls between the ages of 13 and 16. Again, he’s 50 and claims that he’s a woman.

Rebel News Reporter My hero, David Menzies, tried to get inside the meet to report on what was happening, but he was stopped by police.

David described that when he arrived at the Pan Am Center before 6 a.m. to observe the situation, he learned that Swim Ontario, the provincial regulatory body, was facilitating the 50-year-old man’s presence, even using a side entrance to sneak him in.

David was surprised to see a significant police presence, including multiple police SUVs, typically uncommon for that area of Scarborough, where serious crimes like murder and assault are more common.

The police seemed to be there to confront David and deliver a trespass notice on behalf of the Pan Am Center.

“According to those police, not only are we not going to arrest someone who might be a sexual pervert, but we are going to try to shut down journalism and lie about public property being private property,” said David.

“It seems to me this guy has been mollycoddled into believing that he is a legit 13 year old girl. And when somebody gives him a little blow back, ‘protect me, protect me from these people,'” David added.

Unbelievable! Shame on you, the Orangeville Otters, for allowing this. Shame on you, Swim Ontario, for allowing this,” Megyn responded.

“You’re facilitating a dangerous situation for minors. This is outrageous! God forbid this turned into something where he took advantage of the situation. They’d all get sued, and it would be a legit lawsuit. I’m not suggesting that’s where this is going, but how do we know? We don’t know anything about him,” she added. “And there’s a reason that we have women’s-only spaces, girls-only swimming, girls’ locker rooms, and girls’ sports.”

This is only an excerpt of last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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