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‘This is not Germany in 1938:’ Aussie Jewish family kicked out of shop in Vietnam


An Australian couple behind the popular vlog ‘That Jewish Family‘, encountered hostility while visiting Train Street in Hanoi with their two young children.

The shop owner became agitated upon noticing Dani and Raizel Namdar’s three-year-old son, Mendel, was wearing a kippah.

The antisemitic owner aggressively ordered them to leave, saying, “Get out of my shop. Out! Don’t sit there. My shop doesn’t accept people from your country.”

When Dani Namdar inquired if they were being expelled due to their Jewish identity, the owner ambiguously responded, “No, no, no. I don’t welcome.”

Mendel, who was told to remove his kippah, insisted, “I want to keep it on… we keep it on even when we sleep.”

Footage of this incident, shared on Instagram by ‘That Jewish Family’, has garnered over two million views in the past fortnight. The caption read, “This is not Germany in 1938. This is a ‘pro-Palestinian’ shop owner in Vietnam yesterday. You say anti-Zionism is not anti-Jewish? We were casually chilling on the famous train tracks in Hanoi for a photoshoot when a ‘pro-Palestinian’ shop owner started threatening our children once he saw Mendel’s Kippah.”

The Namdars described the encounter as “really traumatic”, stressing the difficulty in explaining antisemitism to a young child.

“How do you explain to a three-year-old what he witnessed? That someone doesn’t like him because of the way he’s born. We had a lot of conversations together afterwards and it just made me so sad that a three-year-old had to experience cruelty,” they shared.

In a subsequent clip, the owner is seen giving the family the middle finger, chanting “Free Palestine” and declaring, “We only welcome humans and animals.” When asked if Dani was considered “human,” the owner remained silent.

The incident took a darker turn when the owner mockingly warned, “Be careful here. The baby is not safe. The bombs are automatic, they fly on the baby,” referencing the Israeli–Hamas conflict.

Despite the ordeal, the Namdars affirmed their resilience, stating, “This is so important to share as we can’t turn a blind eye to reality. Anti-Zionism is antisemitism, period.”

While some online comments supported the shop owner, many condemned his actions as “absolutely disgusting.” The Namdars noted this was their sole antisemitic encounter in Vietnam, where they generally found people very friendly.

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