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“They Could Dump and Get Rid of the Phony J-6 Committee Report” – Steve Bannon Calls on Congress to Dump the Phony J-6 Report that Is Fraught with Lies and Used as a Weapon (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Steve Bannon defended his friend Peter Navarro today on The War Room as the former Trump official turned himself over to authorities after he refused to testify in front of Liz Cheney’s sham January 6 Unselect Committee, a committee that we now know lied repeatedly with their findings and deleted critical testimony and video that would exonerate their political opposition.

Steve Bannon praised his friend and called on the Republicans in Congress to throw out the phony January 6 Committee report that is fraught with lies and is being used to persecute Republicans and good Americans.

Steve Bannon: Number one is his legal case and the process of going forward on appeals. And he said he’s going to take it all the way to Supreme Court because it’s got many elements that need to be addressed by the Supreme Court.

The question gets to be, why is he, for a misdemeanor, not out on appeal, but is in prison today?

I think it’s a four month sentence. I believe that can get cut down to 90 days or 60 days. We’ll find out. The other one. That is within our ability to change, and this is, to me, the one that should take precedent right now, is the J-6 Committee. This is 100% within the purview of Speaker Johnson. He has the ability to do this. And I realize Loudermilk and what I call some of these backbenchers, and Loudermark is a good guy, but he’s not somebody who’s going to make a lot of headlines.

He’s having these subcommittee hearings right now. And we know, time after time after time, we’re finding out about suppressed information. We’re finding out about suppressed testimony. We’re finding out about testimony where the videotape depositions are missing. There is questions about the footage, why all the footage has not been put out?

This is 100% within our purview of what Dr. Peter Navarro was saying. The J-6 committee, you could meet and actually dump and get rid of the phony J-6 committee report. You could do this. Remember, in Colorado, they used the report as the basis for trying to remove President Trump from the ballot.

And so Dr. Navarro there, I think, making a very compelling case, number one, on his case, but also the bigger issues. This is why Navarro stood his ground on belief in the constitution, believe in the oath we took as officers in the White House on the very first day, the oath that we took to actually assume our positions. Remember, he was an assistant to the president. Nothing comes higher than that inside the White House except for the commander in chief and the vice president.

Watch the whole thing below.

Via Midnight Rider.

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