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The New York Times Reports That Far Left Late Night Loser Stephen Colbert is Unhappy With the Supreme Court Over Trump | The Gateway Pundit


The far left political activist and late night TV host Stephen Colbert is unhappy with the U.S Supreme Court’s decision to hear the Trump immunity case and the New York Times wants you to know this for some reason.

It’s hard to imagine something like this happening years ago when Johnny Carson ruled late night television, but that’s because Carson wasn’t an insane, self-indulgent progressive like Colbert.

Also, back then, the New York Times wasn’t run like a college campus newspaper.

This is an actual headline from the Times:

From the story:

Stephen Colbert Declares the Supreme Court Unconstitutional

‘The Thrilling Conclusion of America’

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Donald Trump’s claim that he’s immune from prosecution on charges of plotting to overturn the 2020 election. One result is that the trial will be further delayed.

“These proceedings have been frozen for so long they legally count as children in Alabama,” Stephen Colbert said on Thursday’s “Late Show.”

“Kind of weird that SCOTUS feels the need to consider whether or not laws exist.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“And it gets worse — because the oral arguments are in April, but court watchers don’t expect a decision until June. And the trial judge has promised the defense 88 days after that to prepare, meaning the trial could now be delayed until late September or October, plunging the proceedings into the heart of the election. That is terrible news for democracy, but fantastic news for television. All of the plotlines will come together at once for the thrilling conclusion of America.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

OK, fine. And also… who cares what Colbert thinks?

Colbert is pathetic. It’s sad to see what has become of late night ‘entertainment’ shows.

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