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Texas Lt. Gov. Says Biden Health Report Part of ‘Deep State’ 2024 Action


Last Updated on February 10, 2024

On Friday, Republican Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick went on a tear on X, claiming the so-called “deep state,” said to be led by former President Barack Hussein Obama, is attempting to block President Joe Biden from becoming the Democratic presidential nominee.

“I’ve said for over a year many times that Joe Biden would not be on the ticket and Michelle Obama would be the likely nominee,” wrote Patrick. “It’s clear the Democrat deep state run by Barack Obama knew they had to take him down to give them a chance in November.”

The Texas Republican asserted Biden’s medical report “set him up” by referring to him as a “‘sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.’” He stated that Biden could have essentially hidden, shielded from the press:

They could have protected him by putting him in the Oval Office to read a statement with no press questions. Instead, they sent him out and fed him to a press – where he was a total embarrassment.

Patrick also added, “Kamala doesn’t have a brain,” and the Democrats are now out of luck for a presidential candidate in the fall.

The Hill reported that the Texas Lieutenant Governor “alluded” to the classified documents mishandling by former President Donald Trump and the seemingly double standard afforded to Biden. Although that may be relevant, it was not clearly mentioned in the original post on X.

Returning to Patrick’s comments on Biden’s cognitive ability, the health report references the President’s age and cognitive ability, particularly his memory. Biden, of course, rejected the report and very strangely took questions at a press conference Thursday night where he confused Egypt’s president with the president of Mexico.

Democrats attributed the report as a “political cheap shot.” Vice President Kamala Harris downplayed the report as Republicans jumped on it.

The Hill referred to Patrick’s claims on X as a “broad conspiracy” theory. Nonetheless, the lieutenant governor maintains that the report and the press conference were all set up by the “deep state” spearheaded by the Obama family.

Similar theories have floated among those on the Right, so this isn’t exactly something new. The one that may stand out the most is former First Lady Michelle Obama being a sleeper candidate for the upcoming presidential election. Many commentators have already discounted Vice President Harris, suggesting California Gov. Gavin Newsom among others besides Obama.

Conservative political strategist Karl Rove walks the floor of the 2012 RNC.

The Hill reported that former Bush administration strategist Karl Rove referred to the Michelle Obama theory as “pure lunacy.” At the time, Rove did admit that there was a great possibility of Biden stepping down due to his age. His comments were made before the special counsel Robert Hur’s report.

“No, no, look, look, she hates politics,” Rove told The Hill. “You read her autobiography. She didn’t want her husband to run for the state Senate. She didn’t want him to run for the presidency. She is not a political animal.”

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Grove further said to The Hill that he heard the Michelle Obama theory back during his day in former President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign:

They thought somehow or another, Biden was going to be pushed aside by Obama, Andrew Cuomo was going to be the Democratic candidate, and his running mate was going to be Michelle Obama … And, you know, I told the other Trump people, including the president himself, this is sheer utter lunacy, starting with the fact she hates politics, period. She loves the life she’s got.

Whoever the Democratic candidate is remains unknown at this time. There are only theories and speculation, but one thing remains certain–the Republican nominee.

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