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Stop the Influx! Prime Minister Trudeau finally admits immigration rates exceed Canada’s capacity


The Justin Trudeau Liberal regime has been a major proponent of the idea that diversity is our strength and has opened the floodgates on immigration in the last few years. But, in a rare moment of introspection, even the prime minister has admitted that its reached a critical mass.

PM Trudeau still refuses to acknowledge the significant rise in permanent resident immigration, which has nearly doubled since 2020, diverting from the trend over the last two decades. The reigning in of temporary residents is a step in the right direction.

Immigration data shows that almost all immigrants land in Ontario, while Ontarians themselves emigrate to other countries in higher numbers than other provinces and territories.

Premier of Ontario Doug Ford went so far as to say last summer that the immigration targets are nearly double what was officially registered, and that he was not informed of the influx.

The true numbers are staggering. Canada welcomed just over 184,000 new permanent residents in 2020, according to an order paper question posed in the House of Commons. This number skyrocketed to over 406,000 in 2021 and only continues to grow. In 2022, it climbed to over 437,000 and over 471,000 in 2023.

Under Trudeau, the number of temporary residents has nearly tripled! Jumping up from just over 255,000 in 2020 to a whopping 685,385 in 2023.

The number of foreign nationals with work permits tripled, too, from almost 330,000 in 2020 to just shy of 950,000 in 2023.

Canada has reached its capacity threshold and the results are widespread hardship that even the Canadian state broadcaster can’t ignore.

Poor immigration policy is making the housing crisis worse, as population growth exceeds available housing units and hinders affordability – something Trudeau was warned about two years ago but opted to ignore and open the immigration floodgates anyway.

A Statistics Canada report found that upwards of 15 per cent of immigrants leave within 20 years of arriving in Canada and more recently, others are quoted as leaving because “There is no living, just surviving.”

This isn’t fair for those coming to Canada under the false promise of a better life, or the Canadians that have to struggle through the fallout of bad government policy.

As the cost of living soars and food prices follow, Canada’s population grows but the economy stagnates. With inadequate housing solutions and a lack of strategic planning, the government’s allowance of this influx only exacerbates strains on social systems as evidenced by record numbers seeking assistance at food and job banks.

It is imperative to halt this trend now.

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