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South Australia’s ramping crisis, Ambulances spent 4,773 hours ramped outside hospitals in May 2024


No ED/ER beds available. Patients are kept in the ambulances waiting. Adelaide is a pleasant city pop 1 million, low crime rate.

In May 2024, patients in South Australia spent a staggering 4,773 hours waiting on ambulance ramps outside hospitals1This figure surpasses the previous peak recorded in November by almost 500 hours and represents a surge of more than 1,300 hours since April, when ramping dropped to 3,450 hours. The situation has become significantly worse since the 2022 state election, during which Labor promised to address the crisis. However, despite the worsening numbers, the government claims it is working to improve response times and meet its promise of getting ambulances rolling up on time more oftenThe challenge remains whether voters will hold them accountable for this ongoing issue in future elections.

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