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Sharika Soal: Racism Isn’t the Issue; Ghetto Culture Is. | The Gateway Pundit


Let’s talk about Mayor Tiffany Henyard of Thorton Township, Illinois, and the media finally noticing that fighting white supremacy will not stop ghetto black men from attacking women and children.

The wildest thing I discovered this week after reading the news reports on the attacks in New York was that one of the attackers is famous on TikTok.

Famous for what you ask? Stalking women on camera of all races and attacking them or screaming aggressive explicit threats against white people.

Yes, Skiboky Stora has been attacking women in New York for years.

He also has a history of filming himself harassing white people. White people who were minding their business were most likely to think saying “thug” is racist. How ironic.

How many women need to be attacked by ghetto thugs or killed for Democrats to realize they are telling women to stand up against domestic violence while coddling a culture that harms women?

I am moving on to the Mayor of Thorton Township, Illinois.   I have but one observation.

The fact a woman of that character was elected proves that racism isn’t the issue. Her constituents are disgusted with her antics, but even so, it says a lot about them and black supremacy when that is the best Illinois can do.

MLK said to judge people by “the content of their character.” He never said let all the ghetto black people take over the government.

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