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Senator Amy Klobuchar Gets ROASTED on Twitter/X for Obnoxious Comment About Passage of Massive Spending Package | The Gateway Pundit


Senator Amy Kobuchar (D-MN) is getting clobbered on Twitter/X due to a comment she posted after the passage of the latest massive spending bill.

Writing in the middle of the night, Klobuchar posted an update about the passage and ended her message by saying “You’re welcome.”

Her tweet is a tribute to our big spending representatives in congress who are completely out of touch with the public.

FOX News reports:

Sen. Klobuchar hit for 2 AM post taking credit for passage of $1.2 trillion spending budget: ‘You’re welcome’

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., inspired a wave of angry responses after touting passing the latest government spending bill and avoiding a shutdown.

In a post shared to X just past 2 A.M. ET on Saturday, Klobuchar said to her followers about the $1.2 trillion federal spending package: “You’re welcome.”

She wrote, “Hello 2 a.m.ers! For everyone who is still awake, we just passed the budget and averted a shutdown. You’re welcome.”

The spending package passed in Senate 74-24, though it met more opposition when it was voted on in the House, with a majority of Republican representatives voting against it. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., introduced a motion to vacate House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., for pushing the package through.

Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, also trashed the package for providing no funds to secure the U.S. southern border. He said, “Any Republican that votes for this bill should be ashamed of themselves.”

See Klobuchar’s tweet below:

Reactions came swiftly.

Spending is out of control and she wants a thank you. Just amazing.

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