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Schools teach mainly climate change, diversity and Aborigines, three R’s in dustbin –


Labor’s school curricular brainwashes kids with climate change nonsense

By Senator Alex Antic

As a 13-year-old Aussie boy who lived and breathed sport, I knew I was living in the greatest country in the world. I was proud of our history and hopeful for the future.

Public school system is now preoccupied with subversive progressive ideology

Sadly, that’s often not the experience of Aussie kids today.

Today kids get lectures about climate change and diversity from their sports stars. They get Pride Month and one, albeit contested, Australia Day.

It’s not much better for the adults. They get a Labor government that spent over $400 million on the failed Voice to Parliament referendum, the most expensive indulgence in virtue signalling and identity politics in our nation’s history, while for many Australians the prospect of owning their own home seems dim.

Interest rates, rent, grocery prices and fuel prices continue to increase, which Labor’s measly tax adjustments won’t fix.

The public school system is now so preoccupied with subversive progressive ideology and making children ashamed of their heritage, that in many instances they no longer receive the education they deserve.

Australians are worried about the prospect of more coercive restrictions and policies like they experienced during COVID.

They’re worried about central bank digital currencies and the erasure of cash in our society making participation in the economy a privilege and not a right.

They’re worried about the increasing influence of those who claim that you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy. Indeed, at the recent globalist talk fest in Davos, one of the anointed speakers stated:

There is no realistic solution to the climate transition that does not involve a globally coordinated system of carbon taxes.

But there is reason to be hopeful. People are waking up to the narrative of the globalist left by the thousands. Those who call out the absurdity of Net Zero or the damage inflicted on vulnerable young people by gender ideologues are rewarded with the gratitude and support of the quiet Australians.

The rise of what is pejoratively called populism throughout the West is evidence that wokeness is on its last legs. The leftist narrative is unsustainable.

I will continue to speak out on these issues which matter to many Australians, so that the next generation of Aussie kids will be able to say they live in the greatest country in the world too.

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