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Right Wing Watch Cries About Stew Peters, But Can’t Refute His Points


Last Updated on March 9, 2024

Stalinist shakedown group Right Wing Watch, which makes its bones trying to intimidate anyone deemed “right-wing” out of exercising their right to free speech, is whining about nationally syndicated TV news host Stew Peters and his smashing of the Overton Window – but they can’t refute any of his points!

In a failed hit job against Stew Peters and the Stew Peters Show, Right Wing Watch posted a video clip of Stew Peters and Vincent James blowing the whistle on the disproportionate number of Jews in high-ranking, unelected positions within America’s government.

Their grip on power, which is so strong that the Jerusalem Post actually referred to the Biden government as a “Jewish administration,” comes despite Jews making up just 2% of America’s population.

“When the whole country is falling apart, you look who’s leading it, and you have all these unelected Jews,” Peters said in the clip.

“…Every conversation that I have, it could be about food that’s bad for you, it could be about what’s being sprayed in the skies, it could be about you know, the dog food that you feed your dog, and everything is Jews!” said Peters.

“Everything that’s going wrong in every sector of life, the person that’s leading it happens to claim to be Jewish!”

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As many more Americans have experienced, Peters went on to say that he pulled back from blaming Jews for the most severe problems plaguing the United States, and began looking into groups like “Catholic Charities” which ferries illegal invaders and others all over the United States and fights to open America’s borders to the third-world. But during his investigation, he learned that the group isn’t Catholic at all, and instead, “Catholic Charities is heavily funded by left-wing Jews.

“Guess who’s funding the fake Catholics!” said Peters. “The Jews!”

Remarkably, when Right Wing Watch attempted to publish a hit against Stew Peters, they refuted ZERO points he made during the segment with Vincent James.

Instead, they merely amplified Peters’ evidence-backed remarks, prompting him to respond publically by asking if Right Wing Watch had also been “noticing”.

Watch the Video Clip Below:

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