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RFK Jr. slams Senate border bill for aiding foreign countries amid the border crisis


“The new Senate Bill is a disaster. We’ve already spent $113 [billion] on this proxy war in Ukraine,” Kennedy said in his post. “Requesting an additional $60 [billion] when we have so many problems at home including inflation and the border crisis is reckless. No more money for Ukraine until we have a secure border, a booming economy and pay off some of our $34 [trillion] of debt.”

In another post, Kennedy said the “Senate just struck a $118 billion deal including another $60 billion in military ‘aid’ to Ukraine. In reality, the aid goes to US defense contractors and the offshore bank accounts of corrupt Ukrainian officials. Can you think of a better use for $60 billion? I can.”

Certain polls indicate that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could secure support in the double digits in a race against both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, amid findings that voters show little enthusiasm for a repeat of the 2020 election contest.

In a conversation on CNN regarding access to the ballot, Kennedy mentioned his willingness to collaborate with the Libertarian Party. Following a post by Kennedy on X, the party expressed disapproval of the Senate bill, opposing not only the aid to Ukraine but also the assistance provided to Israel.

“Ukraine is not the only foreign country funded by this bill… No more money for Ukraine OR ISRAEL. Sending the hard-earned money stolen from Americans abroad when we have so many problems at home is reckless. No. More. Foreign. Aid. Period,” the Libertarian Party’s account said.

Trump advised Republican legislators against backing the Senate bill, highlighting its scheduling before the 2024 election and advocating for a distinct border policy not tied to international assistance. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley, a competitor within the Republican party, shared with Fox Business her approval of certain amendments regarding asylum included in the bill, yet expressed disapproval of other sections. She emphasized that Congress should remain in Washington to make necessary modifications until a suitable agreement is reached.

President Biden, whose team contributed to shaping the compromise bill with Senate negotiators, encouraged Congress to support the proposed legislation.

“We’ve reached an agreement on a bipartisan deal that includes the toughest and fairest set of border reforms in decades. And it includes support for Ukraine and Israel and provides humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people,” Biden said in a post to X. “I urge Congress to pass this bill immediately.”

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