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Rep. Carol Miller Violates Insider Trading Laws with Big Pharma, BlackRock, Defense Contractors


Last Updated on March 12, 2024

West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller (R-1) has been caught insider trading and violating the STOCK Act at least 57 times since she arrived in Washington in 2019, using her position in Congress to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars on insider deals related to Big Pharma, the military-industrial-complex, and BlackRock, among others.

Rep. Carol Miller and her husband have been busted by multiple watchdog groups for insider trading with stocks in Big Pharma, BlackRock, and war lobby defense contractors, just to name a few, enriching herself and her family on the insider deals, which are banned under the STOCK Act.

Miller’s use of insider trading flexes the muscles of Congress and the D.C. swamp, as ordinary Americans who are convicted of the same practice can face up to 20 years in prison and $5 million worth of fines.

According to a 2022 report on the financial crimes of Congress, as Miller was calling on West Virginians to discriminate against those who didn’t receive the COVID jab and supporting legislation to force the jab into the arms of American servicemembers, she was insider trading with Big Pharma stocks and raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so.

She was also insider trading stocks in the defense sector, as she voted to ramp up American aid and involvement in Ukraine, to the tune of over $40.1 billion in “emergency” appropriations for the Zelensky regime.

Carol Miller Violates Insider Trading STOCK Act

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According to an additional investigation by Quiver Quantitative, Miller has violated the STOCK Act, which bars members of Congress from insider trading and requires them to report their market gains, a whopping 57 times.

Under the STOCK Act, short for the “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act,” members of Congress and their employees are prohibited “from using nonpublic information derived from their official positions for personal benefit, and for other purposes.”

The legislation was written into law after hundreds of members of Congress, over the span of decades, turned themselves into multi-millionaires by trading stocks with insider knowledge, that could only be obtained from government officials and government business.

Despite the STOCK Act having been in effect since 2012, it’s rarely, if ever, been used against a member of Congress – though hundreds of them have been found in violation of it, including at least 144 members of the current Congress.

In other terms, Carol Miller and over 20% of the active members of Congress are using their positions in government to enrich themselves by ripping off the stock market.

Carol Miller STOCK Act

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