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Rebel News is counting down the minutes until Jagmeet Singh’s taxpayer-funded payday


On February 25th, 2025 (one year from today), NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will hit the jackpot by officially becoming eligible to earn his Member of Parliament pension.

I believe this is the key to understanding his unwavering and otherwise nonsensical support for Justin Trudeau’s scandal-ridden government.

Canada’s “gold-plated” MP pension scheme is the kind of retirement plan most Canadians can only dream of, especially in these tough economic times. It guarantees a comfortable post-political life for those who’ve “served” their country.

Singh’s potential pension haul, which could amass millions of dollars over his lifetime, might just be the real reason behind his steadfast alliance with Trudeau.

It’s not about fighting for justice or equity, as the NDP claims as their cause, since Singh can’t even seem to get any material concessions from the Trudeau government in exchange for his party’s unwavering support in the House of Commons.

It’s not about electoral math – since the NDP would stand to gain seats according to public opinion polling if an election were held today.

It’s something more cynical. He’s trading the nation’s financial security for his own, his responsibility to the voters be damned.

Let’s shine a spotlight on Singh’s greed. Let’s demand that Singh puts the country’s interest ahead of his retirement plans. It’s not just about preventing one politician’s pension windfall; it’s about safeguarding the integrity of our system of government, where the opposition parties have a duty to hold the government accountable.

The next time you’re wondering how much longer we have to suffer under Justin Trudeau, just head on over to, where you can see our live, minute-by-minute countdown until Jagmeet gets his payday. Maybe he’ll do the right thing and vote “No Confidence.”

And please sign our petition right here on this page to urge Singh to choose Canada over his pension plan and give Canadians a choice to demand better.

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