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Quebec premier says housing shortage is ‘100%’ because of temporary immigration influx


Quebec’s housing crisis is entirely the fault of a rise in temporary immigrants, according to Premier Francois Legault, who described the situation as an “emergency” following a Monday meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“The federal government must understand that it is urgent to reduce the number of temporary immigrants in Quebec, if we want Quebecers to be able to find housing, for our children to have access to qualified teachers, for our patients to be cared for and for the French decline to be reversed,” Legault said after the meeting, as reported by Le Journal de Montreal.

In addition to asserting temporary immigration numbers, including asylum seekers, are “100%” responsible for housing shortages, Legault says the influx is also causing problems in the education and health-care fields.

Premier Legault also called on the Trudeau government to immediately reduce the number of temporary immigrants Quebec by half and was seeking $1 billion to address the current 560,000 in the province.

In response, Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to give Quebec $750 million to provide services, including temporary housing, for migrants in Quebec.

“Quebec has direct or indirect control over more than half of temporary immigrants in Quebec,” Trudeau said. “So to have targets to reduce immigration, if that’s what Quebec wants, they have to present a plan to reduce or to adjust their numbers to respond to their needs,” Trudeau told Legault, the National Post reports.

Trudeau, however, cautioned against blaming immigrants for the province’s problems.

“I think that we see across the country there are a lot of challenges regarding social services, housing, health care, for which immigrants can’t receive all the blame,” the prime minister said. “Canadians know well that it’s not always the best thing to target, and say everything is the fault of immigrants. It’s something some people use in their arguments, but it’s always more complex than that.”

Legault said that while the federal government acknowledged temporary immigration numbers are an issue, Ottawa refused to provide any firm numbers in reduction.

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