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Proud Boys Member Marc Bru Was Arrested by Federal Agents at Gunpoint with His Mother – He Was Found Guilty of “Obstruction of Official Proceeding” for Attending a Protest – While Democrat Jamaal Bowman Walks Free **Please Help J6er Marc Below** | The Gateway Pundit


Marc Anthony Bru was seen on January 6th raising his phone to document the events as they unfolded that day at the US Capitol.

Marc Bru was found guilty earlier this month for attending a protest and and “obstruction of an official proceeding” because he was in attendance at the protest.

The obstruction charge is a felony.  The Biden DOJ also found him guilty of “civil disorder” for attending the protest and five misdemeanors.

Federal agents pulled guns on Marc and his mother when he was arrested.

Marc Bru did not shut down an official Congressional proceeding by pulling a fire alarm like radical Democrat Jamaal Bowman.  Marc’s crime was attending the J6 protests an walking inside the US Capitol.

Before Joe Biden conservative Americans had the right to protest their government.  Today conservatives are jailed and their lives are ruined for attending a protest.

J6 Political Prisoner Marc Bru: “I Will Stand Alone to Shout, I Do Not Consent!”

My name is Marc Anthony Bru, I was born to Jacque and Diane Bru. My mother and father were on holiday visiting my mother’s family, my grandparents, in John Day Oregon, when I was born. My mother went into labor at the John Day Hospital, and I was born just after 7 a.m. on the 14th of October.

So, I lived in Portland with my family. We frequently made our way East, about five-hours-drive for holiday and summer visits. Being able to know my mother’s family in the Eastern rural land of Oregon and having the frequent influence of my father’s family in the city, gave me a unique insight into both a country lifestyle and a city one.

In the country, everyone worked and had to make a living from the resources of the land. In the city, it was more often about working for someone else. Regardless, food and supplies were close at hand.

After the age of five, I was mostly raised in the rural areas of Eastern Washington and Oregon, where I attended both private and public school. Early on in junior high school, though, I had begun rejecting formal education. That was sometime around my 7th grade year. I never could settle backdown and finish high school, though I did manage to complete a GED program.

Almost right away, I rejected school. Now that I reflect on it, I think it was because I never could recognize authority blindly. I’d ask, “Why?” and often the reply would be, “Because I said so.”

“Who made you God?” I would often think. If you claim authority, you ought to be able to articulate, reasonably, why it’s so. Sometimes, they would explain, but most times didn’t, depending on what I was doing at the time.

***Please help Marc here.***

People have said I have a problem with authority… Well, anytime I hear that, it sounds preposterous that anyone would take such a derogatory accusation; because the authority I don’t care about, or that I’m against, is authority assumed by fraud, force, or covert actions. Well, I turned 44 years old the 14th of October and I still feel the same way.

When I was a kid growing up, I might not have fit into the cattle chute. I was just a misfit. In 2023 – land of the free, home of the brave – I’m being accused of being a domestic terrorist.

Why? Because I spoke out against totalitarians? We were told I couldn’t be punished for that. Many before me, died for the belief in that right.

Perhaps it was because I protested? No. We have a right to assemble.

Surely it was because I rushed in… right into a dangerous situation for the sake of others’ safety.

No, it couldn’t be that, because we have always been told that we should reliably stick up for those who cannot defend themselves.

Well, on January 6th, 2021, Americans watched. The silent majority watched, as a highly contested election fueled up to a million in attendance. This was the reason for the protest in front of the DC Capital that day.

The response by the Capital Police caused chaos and confusion, which allowed for provocateurs to spark off a response. This, apparently by design, made for highly dramatic, edited cinema. All of it shocked the world, of course, including many, many Americans.

All sides of the political spectrum watched the events that manifested on January 6th of ‘21. Yes, I was taken quite aback that day. What I was not, though, was shocked. Surprised, yes. Hugely shocked, no.

You see, I had felt a need to attend the Trump Speech Event at the Capital January 6th, because, over the days leading up to it, I had heard that a group calling themselves ANTIFA would be coordinating trouble and chaos with Americans, specifically targeting innocent people, and posing as Americans in attendance and support for President Trump’s speech there.

Plus, I was a member of the Proud Boys and felt that it was my honor and duty to attend, so I could witness, and try to keep innocent “Stop the Steal” protestors from becoming victims of ANTIFA’s meddling. Most of the acute stress I experienced was from what appeared to be FBI Agents, some Capital Security Agents, and DC Metro Security Agents. They were initiating aggressive military crowd control on protesters who, at that point, were peacefully assembling.

Many people in attendance there in DC didn’t know that the permits to assemble that day were revoked, just approximately one hour earlier. I, also, didn’t know this fact until well after that day took place. To say the least, it was very manufactured; and the drama of it all really leads to Federal Agents’ involvement starting that riot.

***Please help Marc here.***

It went from the “Stop the Steal,” peaceful statement protest, to what some might call a soft riot. I call it this, because of the firebombing and the destruction of businesses in several major cities. That’s not, though, to say terrible tragedy didn’t occur that day. The bludgeoning death of Rosanne Boyland, and the tragic murder of Ashley Babbitt, were the result of poor planning by Capital Police and the excessive force they felt they had to use at the time.

Although, what is ever-so-important, is that bludgeoning of a woman to death occurred as other protesters attempted to pull her back. They did that to avoid the ultimate end-result – a violent scene between an unfair Capital Police team and a mob of Americans studded with suspicious actors in the front – like Ray Epps… just one example.

I can’t get over the nagging question: If the DC defacto-beligerant was so interested in finding out what happened, why didn’t they spell out Ray Epps, or Steven Sund, former Capital Police Chief, to be subpoenaed? The whole prosecution of January 6th defendants has proved to be malicious. There were no efforts to receive testimony from, especially, those two individuals.

Warrants were shown, but why were others and I apprehended, at gunpoint and threatened with orders to comply with arrest, no questions asked?  I can’t speak for anyone else but, just, “Do as we say, or we will shoot you.”

When this happened, in my town of Vancouver, Washington, my mother was with me. She was visibly trembling at the militant threats of force bearing guns down on her eldest son, and herself, too! It all happened right there in the parking lot of a storage unit.

My mother had just lost the house she so proudly bought and claimed as her first home purchase, when the FBI Field Agent and the Clark County Police assailed my mother and me. One of the Agents arrogantly asked me, “You had to see this coming, right?”

I remember thinking, “NO I never would have thought in a million years that I’d be held at gunpoint, by my own so-called government, for attending a protest artificially forced into being one gone south.” As it were, I might have pictured a subpoena, or a letter of some sort, saying, “Come to court for being assaulted by the military among a civilian population.” To be threatened with murder by the FBI globalist county sheriff, would never cross mymind.

I knew, at that point, something about our country and the relationship between us all and our assumed government, had changed dramatically. It’s been three years now, and I’ve just been found guilty of criminal trespass and domestic terrorism.

***Please help Marc here.***

I would have thought Americans would not allow this to stand in this country – not the land of the free and the home of the brave. For me, at least, and a hand- plucked, targeted group of others, it has become the land of the fearful, the home of the slave. Even if I were the only one that can recognize tyranny and totalitarianism, then I will stand alone to shout, I DO NOT CONSENT.

How can an institution, assembled by men, maintain the standing of having just powers derived from the consent of the governed, if one good American is given over to tyranny by their actions?

Do we now accept kangaroo trials, where the accused is robbed of due process and denied basic elements of defense simply because it might expose the fallibility of an unjust democracy? Regardless of your political placement on the spectrum, if precedence is established in our country, then it could and will happen to YOU.

You can choose, today, what you will sear into our reality with your Light… The “legal” opinion of men – a tthe core, loyal to “the Crown,” admiralty law and a lifetime of enslavement, OR the law and life of actual,fully realized freedom.

If you can’t directly join the fight for freedom in America, and all around our world, please recognize people who can and do. There are those who are taking a stand, however they can, like me.

Will you help me and all of us?

  • No plea deals, and no consent to trial.
  • No consent to the tyranny of cowards.
  • No acceptance of any demands of such cowards.
  • United, together, we DO this.  Will you help me and all of us?

 I promise:

I will always choose to defend true and eternal freedom.

Marc also shared the following with The Gateway Pundit.

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