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Pro wrestling is one of the most unlikely sports to go woke, but it’s happening


This is just an excerpt from The Gunn Show with Sheila Gunn Reid. To see new, ad-free episodes, which air Wednesdays @ 9 p.m. ET | 7 p.m. MT, become a subscriber to RebelNews+. This episode originally aired on December 20, 2023.

On last night’s episode of The Gunn Show, Sheila Gunn Reid was joined by Rebel News‘ David Menzies to discuss his reporting on how the new battleground of women’s rights is competitive sports. 

David is the journalist behind some of the most viral news stories on this subject. These include Nicholas Cepeda, the 50-year-old man identifying as a teenage girl for swim meets and using the girls’ changeroom. And the story of Ash Davis, the biological male dubbed ‘hardest hitter’ in his rugby league, who “transitioned” and has now injured several female rugby players on the field. 

Sheila also spoke about a recent experience at a wrestling event where attendees were lectured about not saying anything homophobic, transphobic, etc. etc. “Looking at certain sports now, I wonder. Could they get away with Golddust these days? Definitely no.” 

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