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Pro-Trump Truckers Launch Delivery Strike in NYC Over Bogus Prosecutions


Last Updated on February 19, 2024

Pro-Trump truck drivers have announced a delivery strike and say that they’re refusing to haul freight to New York City in protest of the bogus prosecution of 45th President Trump by the city’s judiciary, which is working in concert with the federal government and their cronies in other jurisdiction to interfere in the 2024 Presidential Election.

The delivery strike is set to begin on the morning of Monday, February 2nd, with truck drivers refusing to accept loads destined for New York City. While it’s unclear how long the protest will last, it may not take long at all for it to make a massive impact, considering New York City’s reliance on outside goods and the fact that the largest city in the United States is unable to function without those outside goods being brought in every single day.

The strike announcement comes just days after the left-wing judicial system of New York City ruled that President Trump must pay hundreds of millions of dollars and be barred from conducting business in New York City for the next three years. That conviction came in a courtroom presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, a known anti-Trumper who brags that he’s been involved in radical left-wing politics since at least the days of the Vietnam War.

It also came after Trump’s sham conviction in New York City’s E. Jean Carroll case, and as prosecutors try to throw him in prison in D.C., Florida, and Atlanta.

“Complete And Total SHAM”: President Donald Trump Responds To More Than $300 Million Judgment Against Him In New York

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Trucker strikes and protest convoys have become a fixture among the chronically employed populists of the Western world in recent years after Canada’s truckers launched a more than month-long protest in 2022. At the time, they were opposing the nation’s tyrannical COVID lockdowns and jab mandates and humiliating Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who, despite his regime’s efforts to control the damage and persecute the truckers, has never seen his image recover on the international stage.

A smaller-scale convoy-style protest also took place in the United States around Washington, DC.

More recently, truckers have protested the illegal alien invasion of America’s southern border with the “Take Our Border Back” convoy, which started in Virginia Beach with “just a few dozen” vehicles, and grew into the hundreds by the time it reached South Texas.

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