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PIPE DREAM? Biden Campaign Believes Joe Can Flip Florida Blue in 2024 | The Gateway Pundit


Joe Biden’s campaign seems to think they can flip the state of Florida to blue in the 2024 election. That’s a pretty bold statement to make today.

Florida is now a solidly red state which went for Trump in 2016 and 2020. The state has only become more Republican since then.

It’s hard to tell if the Biden people are serious about this or if they’re just trying to sound confident in Joe’s chances in November.

FOX News reports:

Biden campaign believes president can flip Florida blue, citing Trump legal and financial woes

President Biden’s campaign believes he can swing solidly red Florida into the blue.

The Biden team is claiming it can beat presumptive Republican nominee, former President Trump, due to his ongoing legal troubles and financial penalties.

“Make no mistake: Florida is not an easy state to win, but it is a winnable one for President Biden, especially given Trump’s weak, cash-strapped campaign, and serious vulnerabilities within his coalition,” wrote Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez in a memo this week. Democratic coalitions are “growing and energized,” according to the campaign.

Rodriguez went on to say that Florida is “a state where President Biden has a compelling story of results, Trump and Rick Scott’s extreme agenda is making Floridians’ lives worse, and the Democratic coalition is growing and energized,” according to the report.

The Biden team’s efforts to flip Florida will likely be an uphill battle – the Sunshine State has become a Republican stronghold in recent years, though it has a long history of changing color.

Does Joe even really have a chance in Florida?

It sounds far-fetched but Republicans cannot take anything for granted.

And Democrats cheat.

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