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PBS Documentary Reveals J6 Committee Was All Publicity Stunt Meant to Manipulate Audience – An Assault on the American Conscience (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

J6 Committee Chair Benny Thompson who later deleted all most of the critical “evidence” and videos before the sham committee disbanded.

Wicked people.
The Biden regime is still using the FBI to round up, indict, harass, threaten, and ruin patriotic Americans who attended the Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC on January 6, 2021.

The Biden DOJ is now arresting Americans who stood outside the building, committed no crimes, but were standing in the unidentified “restricted ground” around the US Capitol that day.

This photo shows the “restricted area” around the US Capitol on January 6 as labeled later by the US government. The media does not report that Trump supporters were gathering in this location because they had permits to hold rallies in this area.

Thousands of Trump supporters gathered in this area by the US Capitol because there were several Stop the Steal protests planned in this area. The rally organizers all had permits for their events.

Today there is video going viral from PBS where they January 6th Committee admits the entire thing was a publicity stunt meant to manipulate ordinary Americans.

This explains why they brought former ABC New President James Goldston on to create the vision for the grand production. Goldston envisioned the footage as a miniseries of propaganda.

Says James Goldston, “We knew how high the stakes were. We were either going to make people realize that this was important or once you’ve lost them you’ve lost them for good.”

Goldston and the crooked lawmakers who lied throughout the series and omitted critical evidence to exonerate conservative Americans feel no remorse for their actions.

From the production:

Adam Kinsinger: The one thing that we knew was the information that we have is compelling. The thing we needed to do was tell that to the american people in a compelling way. So that’s why we brought in a former president of ABC News.

James Goldston: Yeah, I got a call pretty much out of the blue from the January 6 committee. They wanted a storyteller, and while they were brilliant, they were brilliant lawyers. Storytelling for a mass audience is not what they do…

… When it came to that first hearing, we knew how high the stakes were… On the evening of June 9, doors opened. My heart was beating pretty fast on June 9, and it was a real question of, is this going to work or not?… We were either going to make people realize that this was important, or once you’ve lost them for good.

More James Goldston: I’m in this tiny control room right up the stairs from cannon caucus, and we count down to the start of the hearing. And at that point, what can you do?

Here is the video clip, via Eric Abbenante.

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