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No jail time again despite fourth criminal conviction for ‘trans activist’ Jessica Simpson


On December 18th, at the Surrey Provincial Courthouse, Judge J. Solomon handed down the latest sentencing in the never-ending saga involving Jessica Serenity Simpson, formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv.

Simpson, a serial litigator with a troubling past, including sexually inappropriate behaviour with minors and physical attacks on Rebel News reporters, seems to have a fortunate streak with the courts. Despite being convicted of four criminal offences, the Simon Fraser University criminology student has yet to serve any jail time.

It wasn’t until the third conviction, where Simpson pleaded guilty to threatening to harm child protection activist Billboard Chris, that Simpson obtained a criminal record.

In this latest case, Simpson was found guilty of public mischief for falsely triggering a fire alarm and sentenced to 18 months probation.

The incident took place last year, when Simpson’s so-called “service dog,” Rexy, became unruly in the common area of a retirement home, the residence of Simpson’s mother.

After Simpson failed to control the chocolate lab, a 70-year-old man named Gerald Funke, who is dependent on a walker, physically shooed the dog off of a chair, only to be met by a violent shove from 36-year-old Simpson.

This behaviour by the “service dog” is not uncommon. In fact, the dog became unruly in the courtroom many times during the trial. At one point Judge Solomon excused himself because Rexy had reportedly chewed through his leash and started running around.

While in attendance, I also witnessed Rexy’s wild behaviour, including distracting the judge and Simpson’s counsel by digging on the carpet of the courtroom floor and even appearing to hump Simpson several times during the proceedings.

Since then, leaked footage of the retirement home incident shows another elderly man’s intervention during the altercation, pushing Simpson away from Mr. Funke with impressive strength. As the CCTV footage clock on the screen reaches the time stamp 20:08, Simpson can be seen pulling the fire alarm despite having already called 911 to report the incident and falsely accusing Mr. Funke of assaulting “her.”

While Simpson faced a total of 3 charges from the event, including assault charges for shoving the elderly man, Judge Solomon found that the Crown did not prove the assault beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Crown also failed to lay out all of Simpson’s many run-ins with the law, including wasting emergency services, in the past.

Do you think this latest probation charge will finally turn Simpson into a law-abiding citizen? I won’t hold my breath.

Much like when my former colleague Keean Bexte was attacked by Simpson right in front of the Surrey courthouse during one of Simpson’s previous hearings that one regarding the brandishing of a prohibited weapon on YouTube Simpson chose to charge at me on Monday, even threatening to sic Rexy on me.

You can watch what led up to that, and why I’ve decided to press charges against Simpson for the incident, here.

If you appreciate that, unlike state-backed media, Rebel News has shed light on the leniency this individual has received, consider donating what you can at to cover the many expenses involved in bringing you these reports  including hiring security to keep us safe.

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