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No $5B for the border wall led to the longest shutdown. Now, staying up all night for a speedy $95B aid package for Ukraine and Israel?


A stroll down memory lane to 2019 reminds us of the government’s longest shutdown, triggered by Congress’s refusal to allocate $5 billion for the border wall. Fast forward to today, and the same legislative body is pulling all-nighters to hasten a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine and Israel. The stark difference in priorities is raising eyebrows and sparking conversations about Congress’s evolving fiscal decisions.

In 2019, the denial of a $5 billion budget for the border wall became the catalyst for the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Now, the scene has shifted dramatically, with Congress exhibiting urgency in passing a substantial aid package for foreign nations.

The irony of staying up all night for a rapid approval of $95 billion in aid, especially considering over $150 billion has already been sent to Ukraine, prompts questions about the shifting focus of Congress. The swift consideration and approval of foreign aid contrast sharply with the previous reluctance to fund a domestic project.

This flashback and present-day scenario emphasize the changing landscape of fiscal priorities within Congress. As overnight sessions and speedy aid approvals become the norm, citizens and policymakers alike are left contemplating the transparency and consistency of decision-making, demanding a closer look at the factors guiding these crucial financial choices.


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