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New Year’s Raid: Russians Detain 3,000 Migrants in Saint Petersburg – Hundreds Are Illegals, Face Deportation – Several Given Military Summonses To the War | The Gateway Pundit


Unchecked mass migration is slowly destroying many Western European cultures, but the phenomenon is not limited to their societies.

Even heavily sanctioned, wartime Russia is feeling the effects, as President Vladimir Putin has stated back in December that Russia has more than 10 million labor migrants.

‘This is not an easy problem,’ Putin said during his annual press conference.

However, when it comes to the reaction to the problem, that’s where the similarities end.

Russia’s police are reported to have detained thousands of migrants across the country in New Year’s Eve raids – with scores of them facing deportation, and some even conscription into the war – Russian media reported on Monday.

Reuters reported:

“About 3,000 migrants were detained in Russia’s second-largest city of St. Petersburg during checks “to prevent crime,” Russia’s RIA state news agency reported.

‘As it turned out, more than 600 of the migrants have been in Russia with various violations of migration legislation’, RIA cited an unnamed law enforcement agency source as saying.

More than 100 people faced deportation, RIA added.”

The raids on New Year’s Eve were carried out near subway stations and popular gathering points, such as squares in central St. Petersburg.

A man from Tajikistan, who was dressed as a Santa Claus, was among migrants detained in Moscow.

In the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, a criminal case has been opened against three migrants for an ‘act of hooliganism’ against Russian servicemen and their wives.

“‘A crowd of drunken migrants attacked two young men demobilized from the front line, one soldier was hit with a baton’, the Committee said on the Telegram messaging app.

‘It is also noted that the migrants insulted the wives of veterans of the special military operation’.”

This sense of protection of war veterans and their families has no real equivalent in the west.

Some of the migrants held across Russian cities were reportedly handed on-the-spot military summonses.

The migrants are predominantly from Central Asian nations such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia.

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