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New NZ PM cops heavy backlash after pushing vaccine


New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon was called out after a social media post promoting the flu vaccine received significant backlash.

The post, which featured Luxon receiving the flu shot, aimed to encourage New Zealanders to get vaccinated ahead of the flu season. However, it resulted in a wave of criticism and debate online, with many users expressing their discontent and opposition to the vaccination campaign.

The controversy comes at a time when New Zealand’s political landscape is still adjusting to the recent change in leadership. Luxon was voted into office after former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government was ousted in the last election, largely due to public dissatisfaction with its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and government overreach.

Ardern’s administration had faced criticism for its strict lockdown measures and vaccine mandates, which were seen as an infringement on individual liberties.
In the X post, which has since been heavily “ratioed,” Luxon can be seen getting the flu shot and encouraging others to follow suit. The post has garnered considerable attention, with many users taking the opportunity to voice their concerns and criticisms.

One user responded to the post with a sarcastic comment, “Just the flu, bit wow how many suckers didn’t think for themselves?” This remark reflects a broader sentiment among some members of the public who feel that the government’s emphasis on vaccination is unnecessary.

“What happened to ‘less government’? Now Luxon’s pushing for more state-sponsored medical advice? Typical politician flip-flop. #NotMyPM,” wrote another.
“So much for ‘freedom of choice.’ Now we’re getting government-sponsored flu shot propaganda. Thanks for nothing, Luxon. #BigPharma,” added a third.

The controversy surrounding Luxon’s flu shot promotion underscores the challenges that the new government faces in navigating public opinion and addressing the lingering frustrations and divisions that emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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