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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says the Supreme Court is Trying to Make Trump President for Life or Something (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


MSNBC’s Joy Reid has truly gone off the rails.

During a recent monologue on her show, Reid suggested that the Supreme Court is going to make it possible for Trump to become president forever, or something like that.

It’s hard to tell what she is really talking about because she comes off as completely crazy.

Real Clear Politics reports:

MSNBC host Joy Reid said it’s in the hands of the American people to save ourselves from Donald Trump’s return to the presidency.

“And now Trump’s lawyers are going to come before the court and make Ginni Thomas arguments in front of her husband. What the Supreme Court is doing is incentivizing Trump to become like the strongmen he has long admired and remain president for life. The idea being he is untouchable as long as he is the president. Perhaps Trump will ask for some tips from Hungary’s authoritarian leader Viktor Orban when he privately visits with next week at Mar-a-Lago. We already know Trump’s affinity for the other global dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un.

Who is going to stop Trump from staying in the White House until nature calls him. Congress? Don’t make me laugh. There is no longer any checks and balances. That’s gone. Trump essentially owns the Supreme Court conservatives who are doing his bidding.

Watch the video below:

Reid has been on a crazy roll lately.

How does this woman have a show on cable news?

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