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Mother and Brother of Connecticut Officer Killed in the Line of Duty Confront Town Leaders Who Refused to Fly Thin Blue Flag to Honor Another Fallen Officer | The Gateway Pundit

Debbie Gaften, mother of fallen officer Robert “Bobby” Garten, spoke to the mayor and town council of Wethersfield, Connecticut.

The Gateway Pundit reported that while the residents of Wethersfield, Connecticut, grappled with the tragedy of losing Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier, who was killed in the line of duty, they were also confronted by obscene disrespect from town leaders.

Aaron Pelletier

Although Democrat Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont directed that state flags be flown at half-mast, Wethersfield’s Town Council refused to fly the Thin Blue Line flag to honor Pelletier and instead lowered an LGBTQ flag as an “honor.”

Yesterday, the mother and the brother of another fallen officer, Rob Garten, confronted the mayor at a public meeting about the blatant disrespect the town leaders have shown toward first responders.

Residents of Wethersfield, Connecticut, gather to show their support for the police. Image: Video screenshot.

Deputy Mayor Matthew Forrest spoke briefly and then Debbie Garten, the mother of Deputy Robert “Bobby” Garten, who was killed in the line of duty in September 2023, gave her emotional remarks about what the thin blue line represents to her and her family.

Robert “Bobby” Garten

Garten shared, “It was disheartening to witness the news coverage and hear the disrespectful and hurtful remarks being made by some town council members, especially as the wake and funeral for Trooper First Class Pelletier was going on.”

“The thin blue line holds a deeply personal meaning for me, as a tribute to my son’s service and sacrifice.”

“It symbolizes his honor, his strength and is a remembrance for all he stood for, representing the bond between fallen officers, their families, and the broader law enforcement community.”

Two weeks ago, during a pride event, the mayor and some members of the town council called the thin blue line flag racist and hateful.

Democratic Councilmember Emily Zambrello said, “That flag was either created or at least became prevalent in direct response to the Black Lives Matter protests. It’s viewed as antagonistic even if you don’t see it that way and I don’t think that’s a good flag to fly, especially not without further discussion.”

Deputy Garten’s brother Will stood up in the meeting and shouted at the mayor, “You didn’t say my brother’s name at all. You didn’t say my brother’s name at all.  You’re an idiot!

Will spoke to a reporter following the meeting and had strong words for the mayor.

“I thought the mayor’s speech was disgusting to not even mention my brother’s name, who has even been gone for nine months. He grew up here, and for the mayor not to speak Detective Robert “Bobby” Garten is a disgrace.”

Garten’s mother closed her statement with a request, “I formally request that the town of Wethersfield raise the police flag, either the black flag with the blue stripe or the American flag with the blue line, for two weeks in May, 2025.  The first week will be National Police Week and the following week for the Connecticut Police Memorial Ceremony.”


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