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Missouri Moves to Make Groomer Teachers Register as Sex Offenders


Last Updated on March 6, 2024

New legislation in Missouri will make it a sex offense and a felony for teachers to groom children into transgenderism as parents across the United States continue fighting against pro-trans school policies that allow for kids to be “socially transitioned” at school without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

Under Missouri House Bill 2885, which was introduced by State Rep. Jamie Gragg, school teachers will be charged with a Class E felony offense for “contributing to [the] social transition [of schoolchildren] if the person is acting in his or her official capacity as a teacher or school counselor and the person provides support, regardless of whether the support is material, information, or other resources to a child regarding social transition.”

If convicted, groomers will be forced to register as child sex offenders.

PROMO Missouri, an LGBT activist group, doubled down on their support for grooming kids when they spoke to the local media, with the group’s communications director, Robert Fischer, calling for “every single child” in the state to be eligible for grooming in public schools.

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Protecting kids from government-ordained groomers, Fischer said, will “harm” children – a talking point that’s been frequently employed by LGBT activist groups who have taken up Joseph Goebbels’ mantle of accusing the other side of what they themselves are guilty of.

“It’s rather telling that someone would rather spend time increasing harm for children, rather than ensuring that every single child in our state can thrive, that every single child in Missouri has access to education, that every single child in Missouri should have a safe and welcoming environment for their school,” said Fischer.

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Missouri’s plan to convict groomers of child sex offenses comes as elected officials and authorities in other parts of the country also begin the process of fighting back against the anti-child radicals who took America’s education system by storm over the past several years, leading to the repeated rape and irreversible gender transition of kids all over the country.

Video: Pennsylvania Superintendent Reports Groomers to District Attorney, Vows to Protect Kids

In one hideous example of the consequences of public school social transitioning, a teenage girl in Appomattox County, Virginia was socially transitioned at school and then taken away from her family, and sent by Child Protective Services to live with child sex traffickers out of state.

As National File reported: 

A Virginia teenager became the victim of multiple sex traffickers after she was groomed into transgenderism by the public school system in Appomattox County, where she began identifying as a boy because “everybody was doing it.”

Under the left-wing policies embraced by school districts all over the country, even those in supposedly conservative areas like Appomattox County, Virginia, school officials hid the claims of transgenderism from the girls’ parents, kicking off a sequence of events that led to her being sex trafficked in multiple states as the left-wing court system fought to keep her away from her family and under the control of LGBT ideology.

When she “ran away” from home and ended up in Baltimore, Maryland, being sex trafficked by a registered sex offender, the Maryland court system then took her from her family – something most people would consider kidnapping – and forced her to live in an innercity group home.

Their reasoning was that Sage, at the time, “identified” as a transgender boy, and her conservative family back in Appomattox County, Virginia just didn’t get it.

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