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Marianne Williamson Says DNC is Rigging Primaries to Save Biden


Last Updated on December 22, 2023

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is accusing the DNC of “circumventing democracy” by rigging presidential primaries to keep her off the ballot and save Joe Biden’s more than half-century-long political career.

Marianne Williamson accused the Biden political machine and its state-level partners of a “flagrant violation of DNC rules and process” after she was blocked from the 2024 Democrat Presidential Primary ballot in Massachusetts – the fourth state to block Williamson from challenging Biden, whose popularity among not just Republicans and independents, but members of his own party, is tanking.

“The DNC is at it again…” Williamson wrote in a post she made to X.

“We discovered the Massachusetts Democratic Party intends to include only Joe Biden as their primary candidate on the MA [primary] ballot,” she went on, before adding that the “misplaced attempt at protecting Joe Biden robs Massachusetts Democrats of their voice and choice in the upcoming election.”

Marianne Williamson Primary

In a subsequent threaded X post, Williamson wrote that she has “actively campaigned in Massachusetts,” and appealed to the Secretary of the Commonwealth to “protect Massachusetts voters from the [Massachusetts Democrats’] attempt at circumventing democracy” by adding her to the ballot, as he is permitted to do under state law, given that Williamson easily meets the ballot access requirements.

As mentioned in both this article and Williamson’s post, Massachusetts isn’t the only state in which she’s been blocked from the primary ballot, with Democrats in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida also moving to protect Joe Biden at the expense of the American voting process.

Marianne Williamson DNC Biden

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Similar to the orchestrated effort on behalf of the Democrats to stop the grassroots-style candidacy of Marianne Williamson, the party went to great lengths to disrupt the campaign of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who left the party to launch an independent run.

Before Kennedy left the party, National File reported on comments from a high-ranking Democrat strategist, Simone Sanders, who told MSNBC that Democrats would shut down the primary process to block both Kennedy and Williamson from challenging Biden.

“The reality is this,” Sanders told MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “The sitting President of the United States is a Democrat. A Democrat that would like to run for re-election so much so that he has declared a re-election campaign. In that case, the Democratic National Committee will not facilitate a primary process. There will be no debate stage for Bobby Kennedy, Marianne Williamson, or anyone else to stand on.”

“There will be no debating,” Sanders affirmed as she vowed that Democrats will shut down the democratic process to protect Joe Biden.

“The Democratic National Committee administers the debates and they’re not going to set up a primary process for debates for someone to challenge the head of the Democratic Party,” said Sanders.

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