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Man Smacks Alleged Child Rapist in the Face Outside Las Vegas Courtroom, Knocking Him to the Ground – Then He is Arrested and Charged Following the Incident (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Credit: 8 News Now

Las Vegas, Nevada – A man charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenage girl under 18 (legally a child) was busted in the face by a man disgusted by his alleged crimes.

As 8 News Now reported, 59-year-old Yousef Azami was scheduled to have his preliminary hearing Tuesday in the Las Vegas Justice Court on kidnapping, lewdness, and sex assault charges. But for some reason, he ventured outside the Vegas courtroom just before the hearing began.


This was a mistake he would come to regret. Surveillance footage obtained by 8 News Now shows a man reportedly connected to the alleged victim walking up to Azami and punching him, knocking him to the ground.

Several people, including an officer, are seen racing toward Azami and the man who is on video hitting him.


The man responsible for attacking Azami was later identified as Glenn Cromwell Jr. He was arrested and charged with battery.


Azami, an actor born in Afghanistan, allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl in his home in September 2023. As 8 News Now reports, officers on September 3 responded to the Mirage Hotel for a report of a teenager who said she got into Azami’s car where he drove to his home and raped her.

The young girl, who was 14 or 15 at the time of the alleged assault, revealed to cops she was searching to ‘get something to smoke and eat’ when she noticed Azami in a marijuana dispensary parking lot.

Azami then drove her to his apartment, according to police. What happened next according to the cops was nothing short of pure evil.

“Azami was on the couch for a while on his phone and then came to lay with her on the bed,” police said. “(The teenager) had just started to fall asleep when Azami lay behind her.

She stated she felt his pelvis ‘grinding’ against her, and he was not wearing any clothes.”

The girl begged Azami to stop. She then took a shower, put on a piece of Azami’s clothing, and rushed out of Azami’s apartment. According to police documents, the teen was in the area of the Mirage where “she met a man who was picking up his wife,” telling him “she had been kidnapped and raped and needed police.”

Azami is scheduled to return to court on February 20 but is out of custody on a mere $5,000 bail. He was released by a judge on his recognizance.

Cromwell was released from custody on his own recognizance. He was due to return to court on March 19.

Coincidentally, this incident occurred in the same building where a man named Deobra Redden attacked Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus on January 3. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Robben launched himself at her after she rejected his pleas for more probation.

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