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Majority of Americans Believe Another World War is Likely in the Next Five to Ten Years, Just SIX PERCENT of Americans Say They Would Enlist | The Gateway Pundit


Most Americans believe another World War will likely happen within the next five to ten years.

According to a newly released survey from YouGov, 61 percent of Americans believe it is either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” that World War III will kick off within the next decade.

When looking at the results by political party, the pollsters found one-third of Republicans think it’s very likely that there will be another world war in the next decade; while 20 percent of Independents and 16 percent of Democrats agree.

“If another world war were to break out, 77% of Americans believe the U.S. would be involved. Just 6% say the U.S. would not be involved, and the remaining 18% are unsure,” YouGov reports.

The report added, “72% believe that if another world war were to break out, Russia would be involved and would be on a different side than the U.S. A similar percentage (69%) say the same of China.”

“The countries that Americans are most likely to say would be involved in a hypothetical global conflict and on the same side as the U.S. are the United Kingdom (67%), Ukraine (58%), and Israel (58%).”

Shockingly, just six percent of Americans say they would enlist if a war did break out.

“If a world war involving the U.S. were to break out, 6% of Americans say they would volunteer for military service, 9% say they would not volunteer but would serve if called up, and 13% say they would not volunteer and would refuse to serve if called up; 60% say they don’t believe the armed forces would want them to serve due to age or disability,” the pollsters found.

“However, if the U.S. were under imminent threat of invasion, the percentage of people who would volunteer for military service is higher: 16%. 47% say that even in this case, they don’t believe the armed forces would want them to serve due to age or disability.”

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