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Maine’s Soros-Funded DA Will No Longer Prosecute Illegal Immigrants for Specific Traffic Offenses, Including Driving Without a License, and Driving with a Suspended Registration | The Gateway Pundit

Jackie Sartoris for District Attorney/Facebook

Soros-funded Cumberland County District Attorney Jacqueline A. Sartoris announced a policy change that will no longer see illegal aliens charged for specific traffic violations within Maine’s most populous county.

This policy change, effective from March 1, has been met with mixed reactions due to its implications for illegal aliens operating motor vehicles in the area.

The announcement, detailed in a memo obtained by The Maine Wire, specifies that individuals, including illegal aliens, will no longer face criminal charges for certain traffic offenses. These offenses encompass driving without a license, driving with a suspended registration, or driving an unregistered motor vehicle.

Sartoris pointed out the DA’s office’s focus on ‘problem-solving’ and ‘focusing on genuine public safety cases,’ highlighting the overwhelming caseload, which is reportedly at 150% capacity.

“The focus for us is on problem-solving (making people get legal) and focusing on genuine public safety cases, of which we have plenty,” Sartoris said in the memo.

“If you have other thoughts about resolving our 150% caseload, please feel free to share them,” she said.

“At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, this step is prudent, responsive to real-world challenges, and a civil violation is the appropriate response when any of these are the only potential criminal charge,” she added.

The Maine Wire reported:

Although the new non-charging policy will apply to all drivers in Cumberland County, the traffic violations in question are commonly associated with individuals who are present in the U.S. illegally and therefore cannot obtain Driver’s Licenses or vehicle registrations.

The policy change means that any individual pulled over in Cumberland County driving an unregistered vehicle, driving without a license, or driving with a suspended registration will face no criminal penalty if that is their only alleged violation.

Typically, non-charging memoranda have a trickle down effect that result in law enforcement stopping to even attempt enforcement of laws which they know will never apply.

According to the memo, a copy of which was obtained by the Maine Wire, Sartoris is making the change because the Cumberland County DA’s caseload is too high for the taxpayer-funded workers to efficiently process.

According to the Maine Ethics Commission per Spectrum News, Sartoris was “buoyed by a $300,000 contribution from Democracy II, a Washington, D.C.-based super PAC funded by billionaire and Democratic political activist George Soros.”

Critics point out that Soros-backed District Attorneys have been part of a national trend, aiming to reshape legal enforcement under the guise of social justice. This has led to a practice known as prosecutor nullification, where the discretionary power of prosecutors is used to sidestep laws enacted by state legislatures.

The Maine Wire reports that this move is seen by some as a contribution to a growing pattern of lawlessness in U.S. cities. Detractors argue that such policies, by neglecting to enforce established laws, will undermine the rule of law and encourage further violations.

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