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Lets have a party! Can we save Australia? Call to all patriots! –


By Cairns News contributors, previously published April 14, 2023

At each state and federal election voters are faced with a plethora of parties and independents juggling for votes believing their policies or single issue will save the country from the insidious party triumvirate of Labor, LNP and Greens.

Clive Palmer

Bob Katter

Pauline Hanson

Can we appeal to the conservative leaders of United Australia Party, Katters Australian Party and One Nation Party to discard their voluminous egos for the survival of our country?

Astute voters know this ALP, LNP, Greens troika is tarred with the same toxic brush, but inevitably they choose to vote for one of them thus maintaining the status quo of creeping communism, corporatisation and more recently, enforced medical procedures.

Now struggling voters are faced with yet another poll, or referendum to install a bunch of unelected Aboriginal elites to enshrine in the corporate version of the Constitution, government largesse of tens of billions of dollars annually to be spent on the next fanciful whim.

These elitists, supported by the treacherous Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement have already begun their infiltration of the Aboriginal industry with LGBTQ agendas and calls to disband police departments across the nation, modelling the country on America’s blue state lawlessness.

If we are to save our nation, even though many believe it is too far gone, unless there is bloodshed, the one last attempt at combining our sparse civilian opposition would be to amalgamate independent political parties to stand together on a united front.

When sorting the political hay from the chaff it appears we are left with only three choices.

Can we appeal to the conservative leaders of One Nation, Katters Australian Party and United Australia Party to put aside their voluminous egos for the survival of our country? Can they work together?

Time is short although a few wise patriots know we have been at war with the triumvirate for a number of years, the latest offensive being the ongoing Covid battle which has left more than 30,000 casualties..

Can Pauline Hanson step aside from her ‘it’s my way or the highway’ attitude, or octogenarian Bob Katter putting aside his extraordinary knowledge of 50 years in politics and a monopoly on all the answers or philanthropist Clive Palmer moving away from his 50 years of corporate business rule and all coming together to fix the mess?

We would encourage readers to contact these leaders and their parties asking them to put their egotistical differences aside and join together to finish the battle and then the war?

If they could agree, let members of the new entity decide the leader. The new leader in all probability would not be one of them.

We have many readers. If half of them were to visit, phone or email these party leaders maybe they will listen.  If not then we will be faced with annihilation by 655,000 immigrants who will keep the Labor Party and Greens in power forever, voter fraud notwithstanding.

Can you help?

Contact the parties and demand an amalgamation to form a new party for example Regional Australia Party and let the new members elect a leader. If the parties refuse then they are not interested in the future of Australia:

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation;

Katters Australian Party

United Australia Party

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