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Landcruisers and Nissan Patrols will be off the market by 2028 leaving farmers and tradies to rely on electric vehicles –


By Cairns News and News Ltd

Top selling cars made by Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Izuzu will be off the market by 2028 severely impacting Australia’s primary producers, government departments and tradesmen who rely on diesel four wheel drives for their businesses.

Landcruisers will be extinct by 2028 removed by Labor’s new engine emission controls

Unrealistic and unnecessary new emissions regulations will see most popular four wheel drives such as Toyota Hilux, 300 Series Wagons, Landcruiser utes, Nissan Patrols and SUV’s taken off the road because they are unable to meet new, stringent emission controls slipped through federal parliament late last year.

Where were the Liberals and the farmers’ so-called friends the National Party?

Labor and Greens as a part of their de-industrialisation plan are hell bent on shutting down the rural sector with Net Zero by forcing producers and other industries into taking their vehicles off the road to comply with the UN Agenda 2030 treaty.

Labor and Greens via the back door are pushing consumers into buying expensive and unreliable electric vehicles to take over from diesel and petrol.

These regulations, aligned with ‘Euro 6d’ standards, are scheduled to be enforced for new vehicles starting in 2025, accompanied by upgrades to the quality of locally sold petrol.

Toyota Hilux, Australia’s top selling four wheel drive will be forced off the road by 2028

This legislative shift puts numerous popular models, ranging from passenger cars and SUVs to utes and vans, at risk of extinction from Australian showrooms and roads unless they can comply with the demanding Euro 6d standards.

The current emissions standards in Australia, lingering since 2009, fail to meet those adopted in Europe a decade ago and Australia’s petrol quality stands as one of the dirtiest among developed nations.

The Euro 6d standards, implemented in Europe in 2021, set a benchmark that rivals or surpasses emission protocols enforced in other developed markets.

The Australian adaptation of these stringent rules is slated to impact new cars, SUVs, and light commercial vehicles entering the market from December 2025, but these standards will apply universally to all models, regardless of their launch date, from 2028.

While the new regulations will undoubtedly push automakers to introduce cleaner vehicles to the Australian market, they are separate from a potentially more rigorous Fuel Efficiency Standard under consideration by the Federal Government.

Labor is pushing 95 octane petrol by the end of 2025 to replace unleaded 91 grade, the universal fuel available today.

They claim this will give consumers access to more European vehicles which have much more efficient motors and cannot operate with present standards of Australian fuel.

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