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Labor holds Dunkley in Victoria supported by the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome ever seen in Australia –


In what has to be one of the worst cases of Stockholm Syndrome ever seen in the western world, Labor has retained the Victorian seat of Dunkley on the Mornington Peninsula in a by-election today with an overall swing of 3.9 per cent to the Liberal Party.

Federal Labor policies of Digital ID, cashless economy, handing sovereignty to the WHO, banning petrol and diesel motors by 2028, being the worst environmental vandals in history ripping up thousands of acres of valuable farmland installing useless wind generators and thousands of acres of solar panels, forcing up wholesale power power costs by 560 per cent, ad infinitum… obviously sit well with these poor people.

Cairns News has always maintained a majority of Victorians are characteristically different to the rest of Australia in light of several state elections when Labor Premier, Dangerous Dan Andrews was re-elected three times although voters knew he was corrupt.

Andrews was responsible for the worst Covid response in the western world with months-long lockdowns, mandates and isolation regulations that make Vladimir Putin and President Xi angels.

He managed in one hit to kill 801 poor souls in aged care and forcibly jabbed 97 per cent of the population with a known experimental vaccine.

Then after a few intelligent Melburnians decided enough was enough, megalomaniacal Andrews ordered Victoria’s corporate Robocops to fire on a crowd of protesters. Without doubt some of these protesters live on the Mornington Peninsula. It would be extremely doubtful any of those wounded by 18.5mm rubber bullets would have voted for the ALP.

Or would any of the older protesters who were ground into the dirt by drugged-up Vicpol sturmtroopers.

Victoria Labor has not missed a step since Dangerous Dan cut and run before investigators nailed him for corruption among other terrible deeds. Dan’s Soviet Socialist Republic policies have carried on with gusto.

Stockholm Syndrome too is flat out in the SSRV.

Yet despite a swing to the equally guilty Liberals the barely literate Labor candidate scraped over the line. The extent of normal voter fraud is yet unknown but without doubt Labor would have had the unions out in force with their multiple voting and intimidation of voters and booth workers at most voting centres.

In fact the Liberals said at their valedictory speech the candidate and booth workers were harassed in the extreme by union and Labor thugs.

There were at least three other minor party or independent candidates who appeared to be much better candidates than the Labor nominee.

Stockholm Syndrome

noun Psychiatry.

  1. an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival.

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