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JUST IN: Senator Roger Marshall Introduces Vote of No Confidence Resolution Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) on Tuesday introduced a vote of no confidence resolution against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for helping Biden create “the worst border crisis we’ve ever seen,” said Marshall in a speech on the Senate Floor.

“It is clear that DHS Secretary Mayorkas has zero operational control of our border and, as a consequence, has ceded power to the cartels who have made their way to the heartland, now operating throughout Kansas,” Marshall said in a statement Tuesday.

More than 11 million illegals, who are mainly military-age males and include many known or suspected terrorists, have invaded the US on Joe Biden and Mayorkas’ open border invitation. More than 300,000 illegal aliens crossed over the US border in December alone, according to Customs and Border Protection.

Seventeen illegals who are on the FBI’s terror watchlist were encountered in November alone, according to data from Customs and Border Protection. How many more have slipped through the cracks with the other 11 million illegal aliens?

Federal authorities seized more than 14,000 pounds of illicit fentanyl along the southwest border during fiscal year 2022, 27,000 pounds of illicit fentanyl during fiscal year 2023, and 3,500 pounds of illicit fentanyl in the first 3 months of fiscal year 2024, which is evidence of increased efforts by transnational criminal organizations to traffic dangerous substances into the United States,” the 13-page resolution states.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, House Republicans last week started new impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas for his handling of the ongoing southern border crisis.

BREAKING: House Republicans to Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Over Border Crisis

Senator Marshall issued the following press release before introducing his resolution:

Senator Marshall Leads Vote of No Confidence in DHS Secretary Mayorkas

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall released the following statement before heading to the Senate Floor to call for a vote of no confidence in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Mayorkas. Time and time again, Secretary Mayorkas has failed to do his most basic job- protect the homeland. He is derelict in his duties and complicit in Joe Biden’s open borders agenda. Failing to secure our southern border has created a historic national security crisis and caused a nationwide fentanyl crisis that is killing a Kansan nearly every single day.

“Since day one, Joe Biden has embraced open border policies that have created the worst border crisis in history. Every second wasted not securing our southern border emboldens the cartels who are infiltrating our communities and killing a Kansan nearly every day with lethal fentanyl,” Senator Marshall said. “It is clear that DHS Secretary Mayorkas has zero operational control of our border and, as a consequence, has ceded power to the cartels who have made their way to the heartland, now operating throughout Kansas. Americans are demanding accountability for Secretary Mayorkas’ failure to uphold his oath and keep our homeland safe. Today, I’m going to the Senate Floor to demand a vote of no confidence in DHS Secretary Mayorkas. The American people have no confidence in Sec. Mayorkas and neither does the United States Senate.”

You may read the Senator’s vote of no-confidence resolution HERE.

Senator Marshall grilled Mayorkas on the Senate floor as he introduced the resolution.

Watch below:

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