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Join the Farmers showdown rally at Canberra on February 6, 2024 –


Canberra Covid rally February 2022

You don’t have to be a farmer to attend. The time is now to stop Labor’s madness and adherence to the folly of UN Agenda 30 Net Zero. Coal miners welcome. Your jobs will be gone in 12 months. Every Australian should attend this rally.

The United States Congress has legislation before it right now to exit the United Nations. In any case when Trump resumes power American membership of the UN will cease to exist.

While this massive de-industrialisation and destruction of tens of thousands of hectares of viable farm country with useless wind towers and solar panels continues, Albanese will continue following the orders of the World Economic Forum leaving the free people of this nation little time to act. Remember 90 per cent of the sum total of Labor MP’s in the country have never held a real job and this includes Albanese. Like the US, many are compromised. They are running with ideological orders from the (communist) United Nations and the WEF.

Albo and his crooked cronies could call in what’s left of the army to control decent hard-working Australians wanting a future for themselves and their kids. Remember at the 2022 Covid rally of more than two million, the ALP/LNP’s corporate police deployed EMF devices to irradiate the crowd. Some still suffer. Be prepared this time.

There will be hand-picked leaders chosen before the rally who will lead the charge. No railroading this time. If all of the voters who opposed Labor’s Voice referendum turned up at the rally and stayed there until the Labor Liberal duopoly addresses the people in defeat, the war against the people could end.

Anyone living outside of major cities knows that ‘climate change’ is bullshit and the cities need to know:




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