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Joe Rogan, Aaron Rogers discuss Rebel News’ Trans Madness coverage


In a recent discussion on the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers spoke about Rebel News’ exclusive reporting about a 50-year-old biological male who changes with and competes against girls as young as 13-years-old in swimming competitions.

“It’s a psychological disorder, just like gender dysphoria,” said Rogan.

Rogan pointed out that in 2024, “everyone who is a man who thinks he’s a woman” is celebrated as “brave and amazing,” with no acknowledgment of any issues. But he worries that this acceptance is allowing perverts and sex offenders to enter women’s locker rooms without consequences.

“And if you say something, they will protest your business and shut you down.” he added.

Rogan also highlighted the need for compassion towards individuals who feel they’re in the wrong body, advocating for their freedom to express themselves.

However, he also acknowledged the existence of concerns, stating that there are people who might exploit such freedoms for malicious purposes, such as pretending to be a woman to access women’s locker rooms.

Rogan informed Rogers about the case in Canada where a 50-year-old man identified as a teenager, allowing him access to the young girls’ locker room and competitions.

Rogan labelled the situation as “utter complete insanity,” pointing out the absurdity of a 50-year-old identifying as a teen. He also raised concerns about the broader acceptance of individuals who identify as minors, warning against normalizing attraction to minors.

“It’s sick,” Rogers added, echoing Rogan’s sentiment.

“It’s sick and the rest of the world is f*cking laughing at us,” Rogan remarked.

“Why are they so hell-bent on going after the kids?” Rogers asked.

“I think it’s money, and it’s also waving the flag of woke, it’s crazy. It’s really weird,” Rogan concluded.

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